Crash Bandicoot, WWII Zombies, N64 Classic and more news

Here’s a news roundup for today….

To start off with we finally have a reveal trailer for the new Call of Duty World War II Nazi Zombies….

I’ve never been interested in the Zombie modes on Call of Duty (except the very first one back in World at War) but this does look like it could be going in a new direction which slightly interests me. Along with Call of Duty going back to WWII (Boots on the ground!) the series seems to be going back to what it should be. Maybe the developers looked at what Battlefield was doing and decided to take a U-turn from all the space mechanics etc.

Also its looks like our favourite furry little friend has a new level to run through (or continually die in, if it’s me playing). Check out the reveal trailer for the new Crash Bandicoot N-Sane Trilogy level.

You an download the level for free from the PlayStation store. Be warned though, you only have until August 19th 2017 to download the level.

Something which a lot of us all wanted since having the NES Classic released and then the SNES Classic confirmed last month, is the development of the N64 Classic.

At the moment these are just rumours flying around but due to Nintendo trademarking some small graphics, the rumour mill went into overload about the new Classic console. I doubt we will hear anything solid about this for a long time but I’ll be glued to my computer once this is announced to make sure I have a pre-order.

Also Naughty Dog gave us this little present yesterday…

Looks like it wont be long now till we have our hand on the new chapter in the Uncharted series. How’s everyone feeling about this? Are you happy to be playing an Uncharted game without Nathan Drake? I definitely am, a nice new entry to the series is what they need I think.

And finally…….

  • Telltale Games announced three of it’s main titles will all have new seasons. We will be seeing a new season of the Batman game subtitled The Enemy Within. The Wolf Among Us 2 has also been announced. By far my favourite announcement from them was the final season of The Walking Dead.


  • We also will be seeing the amazing point and click adventure Full Throttle Remastered come to the Apple App Store. If you have never played this game, trust me it’s definitely worth picking up.


  • In news away from gaming we have seen a new clip released for the upcoming Death Note (clip below) film from Netflix. Also Netflix have released a trailer for another one of their upcoming films ‘Bright‘ starring Will Smith. I had only briefly heard of this but go check out the trailer, it’s definitely something which has me interested. Also we have a teaser for Pacific Rim 2: Uprising, a film which, if it lives up to how good the first was, could be another brilliant film.



I don’t want to end on a sad note but I woke up today to hear the news of Linkin Park’s lead vocalist, Chester Bennington has died. I, like many people, grew up listening to Linkin Park and I’m devastated this has happened.

The news has reported that Chester supposedly took his own life. You have to be at a very low time in your life to do something like this, the best thing to do is to speak with someone. If you or someone you know is feeling this way, speak with someone like the Samaritans. Please don’t suffer in silence.

More than likely I’ll be joined by many people around the world digging our Linkin Park albums out and replaying them over and over, or creating special playlists on Spotify etc. Here is one of my favourite tracks from Linkin Park.

Also a massive thanks to Dan (@my_nameis_dan) for the awesome Linkin Park tribute image.



Thanks for reading everyone.



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